Becas totales para el curso  “Biología de los murciélagos”

The Biology of TROPICAL Bats
Organisers and lecturers:  

PD Dr. Christian Voigt (O,L), Dr Marc W Holderied (O,L). Prof. Dr. Constance SCharff (O,L), Prof. Dr. Arturo Zychlinsky (L), Dr. Bernal Rodríguez Herrera (L), Dr. GLoriana Chaverri (L),


La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica (see


2011, 2-11 August 2011 (arrival latest noon 2nd August, departure 3 pm 11th of August)

Cost: Course and station fees covered for students of Costa Rican nationality, no support for travel to or from station Max. number: 25 students in total, incl. 3 Costa Rican students
.Application deadline for Costa Rican students: 28 February 2011,  

Please send cover letter and CV to


  • Rabies vaccination for handling bats.
  • Knowledge of English (Course language)
Workload estimate: 

During (hrs.): ~70 training and field work

After (hrs.): ~ 25 writing up

Work to be handed in:  

Project Report (written in the style of a scientific paper) by 16:00h Thursday 7 October 2011.

Introduction and aims: 

The purpose of the course is to use the study of tropical bats to explore basic concepts in animal behaviour, ecology and physiology. We will work with wild and captive bats, examining their echolocation and flight behaviour, their diets and their physiology. A focus will be on acoustic methods for the study of bats by recording and analyzing their echolocation calls. La Selva Biological Station is in a lowland rainforest with rich wildlife, in particular bats. During the first few nights we will introduce students to the animals, the materials and the methods. We will use some lecture material to supplement field work. An echolocation lab will introduce acoustics software and its use for bat research. After training, students will embark on projects of their own original design, usually involving groups of students working on specific questions about the ecology and behaviour of bats. Mornings are spent with lectures and seminars, afternoons are for project work and evenings for data collection. Each group will briefly present their project plan before starting the project and then present outcomes on the last afternoon. Each student will give a research seminar based on a paper assigned to them.

Learning outcomes: 

  • To demonstrate the ability to design and test novel interesting research hypotheses.
  • To gain and demonstrate skills in data sampling and analysis, including bat echolocation behaviour.
  • The students will gain experience in how to analyse, critically evaluate and present field investigations in a scientific report and develop presentation skills in a seminar.


Becas parciales y totales para el curso “Técnicas avanzadas para el monitoreo de aves”

Fecha límite para aplicar: 15 de febrero 2011

Más información:  Partners in flight Costa Rica


Programa de becas de investigación para tesis Alexander Skutch

Fecha límite para aplicar: 15 de febrero, 2011

Más información  FONDOS SKUTCH


Programa de Experiencias en Investigación OET

El Programa de Experiencias de Investigación de Pregrado de la OET fue establecido para los estudiantes que están interesados en llevar a cabo una investigación de campo, bajo la supervisión de un ecólogo tropical experto. En el pasado, estudiantes costarricenses han publicado los resultados de sus investigaciones durante este programa en conjunto con su supervisor. La beca del programa cubre el costo de hospedaje y alimentación, equipo y transporte hacia y desde La Selva de los estudiantes, así como 3 semanas de estadía y alimentación para los mentores del proyecto.

Fecha límite de aplicación: 31 enero 2011



Kattia Méndez, Undergraduate Program Assistant
Tel. (506) 2524-0607
Fax (506) 2524-0608


Oportunidades de doctorado en Cambio Climático


Becas DAAD


¿Becas para capacitarse en el exterior?  ¡Vale la pena intentarlo!


2 responses

3 06 2011
Luis Manuel Gómez Pérez

Cómo se puede postular para una beca , con vsita ala participación en el V congreso forestal Latinoamerticano, soy profesional cubano.

3 06 2011

Hola Luis. En realidad yo publico la información, pero no organizo las actividades. Sugiero escribir a los organizadores del congreso forestal.


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